What We Do



Relevant living looks through an opportunistic lens to develop it projects by focusing on:

  1. Purchasing new land: Urban infill locations with high restricted and market rents. We focus on developing, primarily, mixed income communities with varying combinations of affordability.
  2. Permanent supportive housing: When public and private rental subsidies are available.
  3. Joint Venture: seeking land-owners, capital partners, and other developers to create unique projects. Our expertise in modular development offers numerous advantages for all stakeholders
  4. Fee Developer: we can be contracted to execute a property owner’s vision provided it aligns with our social and economic initiatives, as detailed below
what we do


Our existing hotel and hospitality portfolio exemplifies high design and aesthetic appeal – this is a necessary characteristic of all our properties. Design is in our DNA, every detail of design is critical to our finished product.

Relevant Living does not compromise on design or cost. Our global network of interior designers, architects and branding experts help curate all our projects.

what we do
what we do


Relevant Living’s development team has a deep understanding of the entire building process. From conception, Relevant Living can manage any complexity through to project completion. With a deep bench of in-house architects, designers, engineers, financial analysts, project managers, and licensed contractors, the Company is vertically integrated to allow for seamless communication between disciplines. An efficient development process leads to decreased development timelines and costs.

what we do


Relevant Living has the capabilities to source and structure its project capital needs. We have an internal capital markets team that raises equity, senior & mezzanine financing for our projects. Whether it’s low income tax credits, tax-exempt bonds, or joint venture equity for our mixed income projects, we have the “know-how”. Our team will create an efficient capital structure that maximizes project returns while minimizing risk and complexity.

what we do
what we do


Construction is our backbone. By understanding the construction process intimately, Relevant Living recognized early that satisfying the affordable housing needs of California there needed to be a faster and more efficient solution to construct all projects.

Relevant Living’s response was RMOD (Relevant Modular). RMOD was founded on the premise that a more inexpensive, faster, and reliable way of construction was needed. RMOD minimizes the unpredictability of traditional construction and allows projects to shorten their timelines by a much as 50%. This is largely attributable to the almost 70% of the projects’ build is off site and in a controlled environment. Furthermore, the balance of the onsite construction can be developed traditionally and simultaneously.

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